AI for Excel: Formulas and Functions

On-Demand Schedule

Tue, July 23, 2024 - Tue, July 30, 2024


90  Mins


Basic & Intermediate & Advanced

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  • Use built-in AI tools to write and edit formulas.
  • Use ChatGPT to create formulas – ranging from basic to advanced levels.
  • Leverage ChatGPT to explain and troubleshoot formulas for you.
  • Write good prompts for accurate results from ChatGPT.

Overview of the webinar

In this webinar, we will delve into the transformative potential of AI, focusing on ChatGPT's role in revolutionizing the use of formulas in Excel. Participants will gain comprehensive insights into the following areas:

  • AI-Enhanced Formula Creation in Excel: Learn how AI, especially ChatGPT, can be utilized to create and troubleshoot formulas.
  • ChatGPT's Role in Excel Formulas: See firsthand examples of ChatGPT's effectiveness in generating, refining, and troubleshooting Excel formulas. Discover how it assists in the generation of complex reports through advanced formula manipulation.
  • Adopting AI for Excel Formulas: Uncover the best practices for leveraging AI in Excel, focusing on creating and optimizing formulas. We will guide you through effective prompts and integration methods to maximize the productivity and accuracy of your Excel tasks.

Who should attend?

  • Accountants
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • All Excel Users

Why should you attend?

Attend this webinar to unlock the full potential of AI with Excel formulas and functions.

Using AI as your Excel assistant can help you write, interpret, and troubleshoot complex formulas.

This webinar will provide you with practical advice and examples of how to effectively use ChatGPT and integrated AI tools in Excel for formulas and functions.

Faculty - Mr.Alan Murray

Alan Murray is a Microsoft MVP and Excel trainer. He has been helping people in Excel for over 20 years. He loves training and the joy he gets from knowing he is making people’s working lives easier.

Alan runs his own blog - Computergaga ( and writes for multiple other websites. His YouTube channel has over 600 videos and over 40 million views.

He organizes a free monthly Excel meetup in London where anyone can come learn Excel, chat, and enjoy each other’s company.

Alan is the author of the best-selling ‘Advanced Excel Formulas’ and ‘Advanced Excel Success’ books.


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