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Human Error Reduction Techniques for Floor Supervisors

Supervision plays a crucial role in Human Error Reduction and Control. Critical Factors like preparation, planning, scheduling, communication, among many others, will be discussed as part of this webinar. People make mistakes because they can; our systems allo ...

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Analytical Method Validation Under Good Laboratory Practices - GLPs

If you do any work that will be reported to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), your work must be done under GLP. All methods must be validated, the proof t ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • John Fetzer
  • Oct 07, 2022
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Project Management for Non-Project Managers - How to Communicate Project Actions and Progress - Conducting Effective Project review Meetings

This webinar is about effective communication inside and outside of the project team. The webinar will use case studies and examples to reinforce key teaching points. Instruction will begin with a discussion of the communication model and the barriers that ca ...

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Supply Chain Management

This Supply Chain Management program encompasses the complete spectrum of the functions within this community of diverse activities.  Emphasis is provided in the management practices of the basic principles of the supply chain coupled with the application of ...

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Project Management for Non-Project Managers – Determining the work that needs to be done

This webinar will walk the participant through the entire process of decomposing a project’s tasks into workable schedulable elements called work packages. Decomposing a task is not a trivial or intuitive process.  It is something that must be explained and p ...

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Project Management for Non-Project Managers - Determining,analyzing,and managing your project risk

This training will work through the risk analysis process from risk identification, risk mitigation, risk communication, and risk management by working through each step of a real-world project risk example.

Recorded Webinar

Basic Issues of Method Validation Compliance under Good Laboratory Practices

Any laboratory that supports products for sale or use in the United States must follow Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), a comprehensive system that guarantees the validity of results. If you work in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, and environmental ...

Recorded Webinar

Problem Solving A Team Methodology For Success

Problem Solving is a practical business tool used by leading firms.  It utilizes the experience of the personnel involved in the situation negatively impacting the desired result. The tools used in the process are probing and effective in getting results. Ha ...

Recorded Webinar

Project Management for Non-Project Managers – How to effectively monitor and control your project

This webinar will begin by discussing the eleven PM monitoring and controlling processes that are the foundation of the project management processes.   Those processes include: Integrated change control Scope validation Scope control.  Schedule control ...

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Best Practices for Preparing for an FDA Computer System Audit

FDA requires that all computer systems used to produce, manage and report on “GxP” (GMP, GLC, GCP) related products be validated and maintained in accordance with specific rules.  This webinar will help you understand the FDA’s current thinking on computer sys ...