Delivering Constructive Criticism: A Positive Approach

On-Demand Schedule Mon, June 24, 2024 - Mon, July 01, 2024
Duration 60 Mins
Webinar ID IQW23B0262
Level Intermediate

  • When Should Feedback Take Place
  • How to Prepare and Plan to Deliver Feedback
  • What to Do During and After the Feedback Session
  • Creating a Safe Atmosphere
  • Importance of Setting Goals
  • Diffusing Emotional Situations
  • What Not to Do 

Overview of the webinar

Constructive Criticism if done correctly will provide great benefits to your organization. It provides the ability for management to nullify problematic behaviors and develop well rounded and productive employees. Constructive feedback shows an employee that management cares about them and will invest time and effort into their careers.

Who should attend?

  • HR Professionals
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders

Why should you attend?

Delivering Constructive Criticism is one of the most challenging things for anyone. Through this session your participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will assist them with this challenging task. When an employee commits an action that requires feedback or criticism it needs to be handled in a certain way.

Faculty - Dr.Myra Hubbard

Dr. Myra Hubbard is Executive Vice President of Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. and President of the organization’s TAP-IN Women’s Self-Empowerment Institute, which focuses on strategies for elevating women’s self-empowerment. Dr. Myra Hubbard has over 40 years of successful experience providing consultation to executives, work groups, and organizations. A sought-after trainer, speaker, and facilitator Her emphasis as a women’s self-empowerment strategist is on practical “how-to” approaches directly related to personal and professional success.

Her global consulting work with various industries includes working with industries such as: Healthcare, Finance, Higher Education, Transportation, Government, and Non-Profit organizations in the Netherlands, Pacific Rim, Korea, Japan, Samoa, Zimbabwe, and other countries has proven invaluable to the work she performs in the U.S.

Her broad range of capability includes Consulting, Training, Women’s Self-Empowerment, Positive Conflict Resolution Strategies, Team Building, Coaching and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. Dr. Hubbard has authored several books such as WISE UP:  Women, Inclusion and Self-Empowerment, “Strategies for Blooming in the Midst”, Experience Leaves Clues: 7 Keys to Self-Empowerment, Empowering Yourself to Embrace Change, Assertiveness and Self-Confidence, Measuring the ROI Impact of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Business Resource Groups (BRGs): Ensuring Employee Resource Group Initiatives Drive Business and Organizational Results and her soon to be released book TAP IN®: Elevating Women’s Self-Empowerment.

She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling, a PhD in Business Administration, and is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. (NLP)


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