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USP Chapter 800: Handling of Hazardous Drugs in Veterinary Medicine

This program will concentrate on the Occupational Safety Health aspect of hazardous drugs in veterinary medicine. Proper PPE and closed syringe systems for injectable drugs will be discussed. Examples of drugs to avoid / and or take special precautions. In wom ...

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Risk Management for Medical Devices per ISO 14971 2012

Risk management overarches projects associated with a particular product family, given that risks will both remain and change as new design features and medical indications for use evolve with a particular device. During all phases of a project, any new consid ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • José Mora
  • Jul 06, 2021
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Whether the patient is being seen in their home, hospital, nursing home, or assisted living center there are visit codes to represent the time and work spent in seeing patients in these settings. While most of these codes require that history, examination, and ...

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Nurse to Nurse Bullying - A Sepsis in Healthcare

Nurse-to-nurse bullying threatens the safety and well-being of patients and nurses. The misconduct is a major problem to all nurses and causing 60% of new nurses to leave their first nursing position and 1 in 3 nurses to quit the profession. Sometimes the bull ...

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HIPAA Business Associates: Obligations for Healthcare Entities and Their Associates

The definition of a HIPAA Business Associate casts a wide net of healthcare business activities, including any business that creates, receives, maintains, or transmits any Protected Health Information on behalf of a HIPAA Covered Entity or Business Associate, ...

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Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds: State of the Art Strategies for Successful Implementation

This webinar will identify the key stakeholders needed for effective interdisciplinary rounds. It will review the best practice rounding processes including scripting and time management. Following this, we will discuss how to hardwire your rounding process so ...

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CPT 101

So much a part of coding from CPT is understanding the parenthetical that the AMA(American Medical Association) has added in the manual as guidelines in choosing the appropriate CPT code for a procedure or service. There are tricks of the trade and coding con ...

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Employee or Independent Contractor? What to Do in the Wake of the Recent Rule Changes

Many businesses choose to work with independent contractors, which is perfectly acceptable. But only if you follow the legal parameters. The IRS has strict worker classification rules regarding who is a contractor and who is an employee. Most States have their ...

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Health and Safety in Non-Industrial Settings such as Healthcare, Data Centers, Janitorial

Learn how to identify the main risks and hazards of non-industrial settings and how to minimize the risk to employees

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Mental Illness, ADAAA, and the Workplace: Taking Responsibility as an Employer”

More and more people are complaining of feeling depressed, hopeless, and just plain out of sorts. Therapists indicate that more and more people are seeking therapy, especially since the 2016 election. Millennials, the largest workgroup in our workplaces, have ...